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California State Teachers Retirement System: Disability Retirement Application & Appeals – Los Angeles, Orange County

If you are a California State Employed Teacher who has been disabled due to an accident, injury, illness or disease, our law firm can help you understand and obtain the disability retirement benefits you deserve.

Requirements For CalTRS disability retirement benefit: LA Lawyers

(1.)  An employee must have five or more years of credited service.

If you were the victim of an unlawful act on the job, you may qualify if you have one year of service credit.

(2.)  Your last five years of credited service must have been performed in California.

Note: Four of the five years of credit must be for actual performance of creditable service.

Cal STRS has two disability retirement plans: Los Angeles Lawyers

If you were a CalSTRS member on or before October 15, 1992, your disability retirement is covered under Coverage A (unless you elected Coverage B before April 1993). If you became a CalSTRS member on or after October 16, 1992, your disability retirement benefits are covered under Coverage B.

The Coverage B disability benefit (disability retirement) provides you with a benefit that is equal to fifty percent of your final compensation. Service credit is not a factor in determining your disability retirement benefit. However, the determination of your “final compensation” may be reduced for periods of part-time employment.

Unfortunately, deserving STRS members are frequently denied their well-earned disability retirement benefits – or do not receive the maximum disability retirement benefit to which they are entitled. The only way to truly ensure that you receive the maximum disability retirement benefits you deserve is to consult a disability retirement lawyer who is experienced in STRS cases.

Our Experienced Disability Lawyers get the Maximum CSTRS Disability Retirement You Deserve – Los Angeles, Orange County

Our experienced disability attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of disability retirement applications and appeals on behalf of STRS (State Teachers Retirement System) employees.

If you are a disabled Cal STRS member (or other disabled public employee) in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California, and you would like to apply for disability retirement – or appeal a disability retirement denial – our experienced attorneys can help ensure you get the maximum benefits you deserve through STRS.

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