Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for Workers’ Comp?

You are not required to hire an attorney to apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits – and you are allowed to represent yourself at any stage of the process, including appealing a denial. However, representing yourself can be exhausting, confusing and even overwhelming – especially since you are already dealing with a disabling illness or injury.

Typically, an injured worker will apply for Workers Compensation initially on their own, and then hire an attorney once they have had their benefits denied (or discontinued or reduced).

Unfortunately for hard working individuals, insurance companies do not always do the right thing. Keep in mind that Workers’ Comp payments do not come from a government agency (like Social Security), or even from your employer. Whenever a Workers Compensation claim is approved, the insurance company is who pays the claim out their “own pocket”. And since your employer’s Workers Comp Insurance Company  “loses money” every time they pay a claim, they may unfairly deny you.

The good news is that having an experienced Workers Comp lawyer to “fight” the insurance company can make the difference between an approval and a denial in a Workers’ Compensation case. An experienced attorney knows what forms to file, and how to gather and present your medical records in the best way possible to get your worker comp claim approved.

Our experienced Long Beach workers comp attorneys have handled thousands of Workers’ Compensation cases and collected millions of dollars for our clients.

We know what the Workers’ Compensation provider is “looking for”  and “what works and what doesn’t work”. We know exactly what the Insurance company can and cannot do, so they are able to protect your rights.


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