Attorney Danny Polhamus  Long Beach Workers Comp Lawyer

Attorney Danny PolhamusDanny Polhamus has been with our firm since 1985. He graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law. He has long been active in political causes. In high school, he organized a committee to help bring educational improvement to the public schools. In college, he worked on the local campaign for presidential primary candidate Shirley Chisholm. Throughout college and law school, he supported himself as a member of a working band. Following law school, he founded and ran a small record company for several years.

In his legal career, Danny was a Workers Compensation Specialist with a strong emphasis on representation of safety officers. Today, he is the attorney who handles disability retirement cases for both safety and civilian employees covered by PERS, LACERA, and numerous other public retirement systems. He is also a longtime member of NOSSCR, an organization of Social Security attorneys pushing for the protection of disabled workers. He handles both administrative hearings as well as appeals in Federal Court.

Danny is married and has two young children. He volunteers at his son’s school teaching music theory and small band/composition. He enjoys camping, traveling and following international affairs.