Workers’ Comp for Exposure to Toxins

Exposure to toxins in the workplace can have devastating health effects. Severe respiratory disorders, as well as certain types of cancer, have been linked to toxic workplace exposure. Fortunately, stricter regulations and greater employer awareness have cut down on toxic exposure in most workplaces in recent years. However, hundreds of employees are still made severely sick every year because of exposure to hazardous substances at work.

If you or a family member were made ill by exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace you ARE covered under the California workers’ compensation system and you ARE entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Unfortunately many employers and/or their workers comp insurers may try to deny these benefits. Sometimes they will try hide, conceal or deny that any exposure took place. In other cases they may contend that the chemicals or materials were not toxic and/or did not cause the illness.

Our experienced workers compensation lawyers are here to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for any chemical or toxic exposure at work – no matter how hard the workers comp insurer tries to deny your claim.

Types of Workers Comp Toxic Exposure

Injury or illness can be caused by a one-time significant exposure to a toxin, or can occur over a period of time in which you were repeatedly exposed to one or more toxins.

Some of the most common workplace toxic exposures include:

  • asbestos,
  • arsenic,
  • ammonia,
  • benzene,
  • chloroform,
  • formaldehyde,
  • iodine,
  • lead,
  • mercury,
  • toluene,
  • uranium,
  • zinc,
  • and many more.

There is No Defense to Workers’ Comp Claim for Toxic Exposure

Even if your employer took all “reasonable precautions,” and/or followed all safety measures, you are still entitled to bring a worker’s compensation claim if you were made ill by toxic chemicals at work. Remember workers’ compensation eligibility is not based on “fault”. All that is required is that you were exposed to a dangerous substance in the course of your employment, and that the exposure caused an illness or bodily harm.

Proving Your Illness was Caused by Workplace Toxins

Like any workers compensation case, you must prove that the illness or injury occurred in the course of you performing your job. This means seeing the right doctors (usually a specialist), and compiling and submitting the necessary medical documentation to prove that the toxins at work in fact caused your illness.

We understand that if you are seriously ill, “jumping through these hoops” and dealing with all of the paperwork can be exhausting. And if the employer denies or “fights” your claim it can be even more grueling of a task.

Our Lawyers Collect Workers Comp for Toxic Exposure

Our Workers Compensation lawyers care deeply about our disabled clients – and we have the experience to help you prove that your illness was caused by exposure to toxins at your workplace. Our compassionate, experienced workers comp lawyers can help you understand what benefits you are eligible for, and can handle the complicated documentation – advocating for you to ensure you receive the maximum benefits possible.

Our lawyers have helped hundreds of individuals in Orange County, including Santa Ana, Anaheim & Irvine, collect the maximum Workers Compensation for which they qualify. Call us today for your free consultation.