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California Providers Convicted of Workers Compensation Fraud

Nine California Providers Convicted of Workers Compensation Fraud– The California Workers Compensation system provides millions of dollars in much needed medical and living expense benefits to deserving injured workers. But when health care providers – and/or injured workers – try to “cheat” the worker comp system there […]

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Social Security Compassionate Allowance List – 2017

Social Security Compassionate Allowance List (2017) Having a condition on the Compassionate Allowance List typically means that a Social Security applicant’s claim will be processed faster. But it does not mean that the Social Security claim will be “automatically” approved in every case. Many of the impairments on the […]

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Obesity, Overweight & Workers Compensation Cases

How Does Being Overweight (Obesity) Affect Workers Compensation Claims? Our caring Long Beach workers compensation attorneys understand that no one “chooses” to be overweight. We recognize that weight issues are even more frustrating when you have an injury or disability. Previously, for many decades, the medical community […]

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Workers Compensation Carve Outs for Contractors

How the Workers Compensation “Carve Out” Works for Construction, Carpenters, Electricians & Plumbers Workers Compensation is a type of insurance purchased by an employer to pay the medical benefits and lost wages of workers who were injured or made sick on their job. In instances when the […]

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Orange County Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Charged with Crime

Orange County Workers’ Comp Attorneys Charged with Crime in Referral Scam Scheme Unfortunately, several workers’ compensation attorneys in Orange County and Los Angeles County were charged with criminal activity this week. According to the Orange County District Attorney’s office, these lawyers were involved in an illegal “referral […]

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