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Workers Comp Cancer Presumption for Firefighters

Workers’ Comp Attorneys Explain the Cancer Presumption for Injured Firefighters Firefighters put their lives on the line every day – and their risk of on-the-job injury is much greater than in most professions. People universally respect and appreciate the risks firefighters take every day. But many people […]

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Los Angeles Lawyers Explain Police & Fire Fighter Benefit Increases

Los Angeles Attorneys Report an Increase in Police & Fire Fighter Disability Retirement Benefits – California Pension Reform Raises Safety Officer Disability Benefit: Pension reform legislation was passed in 2012 and became effective as of January 1, 2013 – and these changes bring good news for many […]

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Long Beach Lawyers Protect Police & Firefighter Disability Benefits

Los Angeles Area Lawyers Explain Police & Firefighter Disability Benefits Concerns – Orange County Media Unfairly Attacks Police & Firefighter Disability Benefits in California: As experienced disability lawyers who have represented hundreds of disabled police officers and firefighters, we respect and admire our hard-working California public safety officers. […]

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