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Collecting Social Security Disability for Amputation

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Collecting Social Security Disability for Amputation– If you have suffered an amputation, our thoughts are with you and we are here to help. We understand that an amputation is a life changing event that poses unbelievable challenges. In addition to the physical and […]

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Ask the Attorney; can I Collect Social Security Disability for a Broken Bone?

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Collecting Social Security Disability for Broken Bones– A broken bone (also called a fracture) is not only extremely painful – it can be financially painful as well. Time off work due to a broken bone can be economically devastating. However, collecting Social Security […]

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Workers Comp Attorneys Explain When You Can Also Sue

Ask the Long Beach Attorneys: When Can You Sue in a Workers Comp Case? Workers Compensation was put in place so that injured employees would “automatically” receive compensation – and not have to resort to a lawsuit for their injuries. The flip side to this “protection” for […]

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Workers’ Comp Payment for Family Caregivers

Orange County Workers’ Comp Attorneys Explain How to Get Pay for Family Caregivers – Many individuals with a spouse or family member who was seriously injured at work end up being a full time caregiver to their loved one.  Although these caregivers are performing theses duties out […]

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TV Commercials & Workers Comp Attorneys

The Truth about TV Commercial Workers Comp Attorneys Anyone with a TV set has seen the dramatic and often “heart wrenching” commercials for Workers Comp attorneys. Some are sensitive and well done, while others are a bit “cheap” or “cheesy” looking. And, of course they all promise […]

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Attorneys Explain Workers Comp Med Legal Evaluation

Orange County Workers Comp Attorneys Explain: What is a QME or Med Legal Evaluation? When you apply for workers comp, your employer’s workers comp insurance company can dispute what your treating physician recommends for you. Often times the workers comp insurance company will dispute your doctor’s opinions […]

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Attorney Tips for Workers Comp Med-Legal Evaluation

Orange County Attorney Tips for Handling The Workers Comp Med Legal Evaluation – In our previous article, our experienced Orange County workers comp attorneys explained what a “Medical/Legal Evaluation” by a “Qualified Medical Examiner” (QME) is. In this article, we discuss steps you can take to obtain […]

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Workers Comp for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Orange County Attorneys Explain Getting Workers Comp for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Most office workers never think that they will get injured at work . . . let alone that they may one day need to file for workers’ comp. But it’s not just dangerous machinery or […]

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How Attorneys Get Maximum Workers Comp Benefits

What a Good Workers Comp Attorney Does – The workers comp system was put in place to prevent injured workers from suing their employer for negligence – in return for some significant benefits to help the injured worker get treatment and have money to live one. No […]

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Attorneys Explain Collecting Social Security Overseas

Ask the Los Angeles Social Security Attorneys: Can I Collecting Social Security Disability if I’m Overseas? Collecting Social Security if You Live Outside the U.S. Occasionally our attorneys are approached by clients who live somewhere outside of the United States. Many American citizens have jobs that require them […]

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