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Lawyers Discuss Social Security for Gout

Can You Get Social Security Disability for Gout? Our experienced Social Security attorneys have assisted numerous Orange County residents obtain disability for severe Gout. We understand that – in addition to being extremely painful – the inflammation from Gout can render you unable to work. Gout can be […]

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Workers Comp for Toxic Workplace

Workers’ Compensation for Exposure to Toxins – Exposure to toxins in the workplace can have devastating health effects. Severe respiratory disorders, and even certain types of cancer, have been linked to toxic workplace exposure. Fortunately, stricter regulations and greater employer awareness have cut down on toxic exposure […]

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Lawyers Discuss Social Security Cuts

Will Social Security Disability Cuts Affect My Benefits? We’ve all seen the frightening headlines in the news: “Social Security is Running Out of Money”.  Many of our disabled clients are wondering if this is true – and if it is, what this will mean for their Social Security […]

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Lawyers Explain Calculating Social Security Disability Benefits

How Much Social Security Disability Will I Get? April is officially Social Security’s “National Check Your Statement” Month! Sure it’s a made-up “holiday” but understanding your Social Security statement is important to all working Americans. This is because everyone is entitled to receive a different amount of […]

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Lawyers Discuss Workers’ Compensation for Workplace Violence Injuries

Can I Get Workers’ Comp for a Workplace Violence Injury? Violence in the workplace is a growing problem in this country. And our lawyers understand that the emotional and psychological impact of a workplace violence incident can be even more long-lasting than the physical injuries. The California […]

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Social Security for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Can I Get Social Security Disability for Rheumatoid Arthritis? Our experienced lawyers understand that Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a painful and debilitating condition that makes working impossible. While pain and stiffness from Rheumatoid Arthritis alone are not enough to qualify you for Social Security disability – in […]

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Social Security for Osteoarthritis

Can I Get Social Security Disability for Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis can be a debilitating condition. We understand that the pain can range from discomfort to almost unbearable. Pain and stiffness from Osteoarthritis alone are not enough to qualify you for Social Security disability. But if your osteoarthritis has […]

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Lawyers Discuss Workers Comp for Arthritis

Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Arthritis & Degenerative Disc Disease? As many of our articles have discussed, when an injury or illness is “directly caused by” or “results from” working conditions, an employee can collect workers compensation for the illness or injury. However, collecting workers compensation for […]

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Social Security Disability Payees

Having Social Security Disability Checks Paid to Someone Else – What is a Social Security Disability Representative Payee? Sometimes a physical, mental or psychological disability renders an individual unable to manage their own financial affairs. When a Social Security Disability recipient cannot manage his or her SSDI […]

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Social Security Disability & Identity Theft

Lawyers Discuss Protecting Your Social Security Disability Information – We all know that identity theft is on the rise. And in the wake of the “data breaches” that have occurred recently at banks, retailers and major corporations, we all are concerned with keeping our credit card numbers and […]

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