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Attorneys Explain How to Preparing For a Social Security Disability Hearing

Attorneys Tips on Preparing For Your Social Security Disability Hearing – Social Security Disability Hearing Timeframe: Applying for Social Security Disability is actually a process that involves several steps. After you file your initial SSDI application, your case will be reviewed by an SSA staff member called […]

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CalSTRS Lawyers Discuss “Double Dipping”

Los Angeles CalSTRS Lawyers Explain Double Dipping – Teachers CalSTRS Retirement Benefits And Social Security As experienced CalSTRS attorneys, we are often asked by teachers if they will be able to collect their CalSTRS pension benefits AND Social Security. Unfortunately, teachers in California (and 14 other states) who […]

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New Law on Social Security for Depression & Bipolar

Social Security Issues New Listing for Depression & Bipolar Disorder– Collecting Social Security Disability for a mental or psychological condition such as depression or bipolar disorder have been difficult in the past.But “proving” psychological and mental symptoms to Social Security has always been challenging. As experienced Social […]

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New Law on Social Security for PTSD

SSA Attorneys Issue New Listing on Social Security Disability for PTSD– Collecting Social Security Disability for a mental or psychological condition such as PTSD has always difficult. Outdated prejudices about mental health and an inability of Social security staff to understand PTSD often resulted in deserving Social Security Applicants […]

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Working & Getting Social Security Disability

New Rules Effective November 16, 2016 On Social Security Disability & Returning to Work– According to Social Security regulations, you cannot be engaged in “substantial gainful activity” and continue to receive Social Security Disability benefits. In 2016, “substantial gainful activity” is considered making more than $1,130 per […]

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Lawyers Address the Social Security Concerns of African Americans

Lawyers Discuss the Needs of African American Social Security Disability Applicants– Genetics, culture and lifestyle influence any unique population’s overall health and risk of disability. The African American community has its own specific health concerns – which also results in specific issues that must be understood when […]

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New Law on Social Security for Mental Disorders

SSA Revises Criteria for Applying for Social Security for Mental Disorders– Collecting Social Security Disability for a mental or psychological disorder has always been quite a bit more difficult than collecting Social Security Disability for a physical illness. As experienced Social Security attorneys, we understand that people […]

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Los Angeles Social Security Lawyers Explain 2017 Changes

SOCIAL SECURITY CHANGES FOR 2017 – Every year the Social Security Administration adjusts a number of “facts and figures” that affect the Social Security Benefits you will receive. The changes to Social Security for 2017 have been announced and are set forth below by our experienced Los […]

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CalSTRS Appeal Attorneys

Attorneys Explain the CalSTRS Appeals Process– The CalSTRS retirement pension plan for educators in California is one of the best in the country – that is until benefits are wrongly denied. Then it can be a nightmare for a dedicated and deserving teacher who needs their hard-earned […]

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Attorneys Discuss CalSTRS & Social Security

Can I Collect a CalSTRS Pension and Social Security? As experienced CalSTRS attorneys, we are frequently asked by our educator clients if collecting CalSTRS affects the Social Security benefits they will collect. If you are an educator in California, this article will explain some of the rules for […]

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