10 Most Common Workers Compensation Claims (Part 2)

Experienced Los Angeles Workers Comp Attorneys Discuss the Most Common Types of  Injuries

Every year more than 1 million injuries occur in the workplace in the U.S.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen to even the most safety-conscious employees, in the safest of workplaces. And, on top of that, unscrupulous employers who “cut corners” on safety also increase the risk of injury or illness to their workers.

This is part 2 of our article discussing top ten most common workers compensation injuries, as well as the positions that file the most claims every year.  By knowing what the dangers are, you can help keep yourself safe!

6) Struck Against an Object – Los Angeles Workers Comp Attorneys 

This injury occurs when an individual falls into or against something – or is physically forced into a stationary object such as a bookshelf, barricade, glass door, window, etc.

 Office workers and factory workers top the list of workers filing workers compensation claims for being injured by falling into something.

7) Highway Incident or Vehicle Accident

The more time an employee spends on the road for work, the greater the likelihood that they will eventually be involved in a highway or vehicle accident.

For this reason it is no surprise that truck drivers, traveling business representatives and police officers are most at risk for work related vehicle injuries.

8) Machinery Accidents – Los Angeles Workers Comp Attorneys 

When one thinks of a “workplace injury” a machinery accident immediately comes to mind. But machinery accidents are only the 8th most common form of workplace injury. Heavy machinery, however, can cause some of the most devastating and debilitating injuries – including crushing, mutilating or even death.

Obviously these injuries are only seen in employees where heavy machinery is used – including factory workers, or construction employees.

9) Repetitive Motion (Such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Many people forget that repetitive motion can cause serious injury in the workplace over time.  A repetitive injury is harder to prove – but can be painful and debilitating. Examples of repetitive motion causing injury include typing or using a mouse, sitting for prolonged periods, lifting boxes over-and-over, or performing tasks on an assembly line.

Common injuries from repetitive motions include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bursitis.

Secretaries, data entry personnel and assembly line workers incur this type of workers compensation claim most often.

10) Workplace Violence

Tragically, workplace violence takes the final spot on the list of most common workplace injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics more than 300 workers are killed in shootings while on the job annually. Robbers, coworkers and family members are typically assailants in workplace. Hundreds of others were maimed or disabled by violent assaults.

In addition to police and safety officers who are victims of workplace violence, retail workers (particularly in gas stations and convenience stores) may be the victim of a robbery motivated assault.

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