Orange County Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Charged with Crime

Orange County Workers’ Comp Attorneys
Charged with Crime in Referral Scam Scheme

Unfortunately, several workers’ compensation attorneys in Orange County and Los Angeles County were charged with criminal activity this week. According to the Orange County District Attorney’s office, these lawyers were involved in an illegal “referral scheme” affecting predominantly members of the Spanish speaking community.

The ten workers’ comp attorneys who were involved in this scam are now facing felonies (see list of names below*). This is the largest number of lawyers charged in one case in Orange County history.

Lawyers take an oath to conduct themselves with integrity at all times. The vast majority of attorneys take this responsibility very seriously. But when an attorney breaches this duty, it is a betrayal of their clients, and the entire legal profession.

If your workers’ comp attorney was one of the lawyers who was indicted in the recent referral scheme, we understand that your trust may have been broken – and that you may now be in the middle of a workers’ compensation case.  Our experienced attorneys are here to offer you any help you may need moving forward with your workers’ compensation case.

The Law Office of Cantrell Green has been representing injured workers for more than 45 years – with a spotless record, and a reputation for the highest level of integrity. In addition to being designated Super Lawyers, we are rated as “Distinguished” Lawyers by Martindale-Hubbell for the “Highest Professional Achievement”. We give every case the individual care and attention it deserves. We can step in quickly to help you understand your rights and make sure that you get the maximum compensation for which you qualify.

What to Do if Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer was Charged with a Crime

If you are in the middle of a workers’ compensation case, and you have lost trust in your attorney, it is important that you hire a new, trustworthy lawyer as soon as possible. Not only will our attorneys make sure that all necessary documents are filed in your case – but we can also review what your previous lawyer did to ensure that your representation was not compromised in any way.

If your workers comp attorney was charged with a crime – and you are in need of an honest and reliable lawyer to take over your workers’ compensation case – call the experienced and caring attorneys at Cantrell Green for a free consultation, today:  562-622-4800.

* The criminally charged workers’ compensation attorneys are:

  • Jon Woods, Cypress;
  • Payman Zargari, Sherman Oaks;
  • John Jansen, Santa Ana;
  • Fari Rezai, Irvine;
  • Lionel Eduardo Giron, Pomona;
  • Dennis Ralph Fusi, Lakewood;
  • Jorge Humberto Reyes, Los Angeles;
  • Rony M. Barsoum, Los Angeles;
  • Robert Irving Slater, Encino; and
  • Robin Jacobs, Sherman Oaks.

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