How Much are Attorney Fees in Workers Comp Cases?

How Much Do Workers Compensation
Attorneys Charge in California?

If you are disabled, and unable to work, we understand that every penny counts. That is why our experienced Workers Compensation lawyers want you to understand – up front – exactly what attorney fees apply in any Workers Compensation case.

To begin with, the good news is that Worker’s Compensation attorneys work on a “contingency” basis. This means that your attorney will only get paid if you win your case.

Attorney fees come out of your settlement, not out of your pocket!

The amount that an attorney can receive for representing you in a Workers Compensation case varies by state, and is usually governed by state laws or regulations. The cost of living may be higher in California – but California actually has among the LOWEST attorney fees in the country in Worker Comp Cases.

In California a judge can approve a fee of 10%, 12%, or 15% – depending upon the complexity of your Workers Compensation case. But in no case will you be paying more than 15% in attorney fees in a California Workers Compensation case.

(In other states – such as Texas – the fee can be as high as 25% of your award!)

Penalty Fees in Workers Compensation Cases – Los Angeles Attorneys

In certain cases, under limited circumstances, an attorney may be able to get you additional money (compensation) beyond your workers comp benefits as a “penalty” to the employer. Penalty compensation may be awarded against an employer who engaged in discrimination under the Labor Code, serious or willful behavior, or an unreasonable refusal or delay of workers’ compensation benefits.

Penalty awards are considered separate compensation from your workers compensation award and attorneys will usually earn fees of 33% on this portion of your award.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses in Workers Comp Cases – Los Angeles Attorney

During the course of representing a disabled client, the attorney usually has to request and pay for expenses such as medical  or work records, copying, postage, and even medical or psychiatric exams. These types of expenses which an lawyers ends up paying for are called “out of pocket” expenses.

The client is responsible to pay for these “out of pocket” costs in addition to the attorney’s fees. In most cases these “out of pocket” costs are no more than one or two hundred dollars per case.

Some attorneys will ask for money in advance to pay for these “out of pocket” costs. While this is permitted under the law – we cover these costs for you until you receive your award. Once your case is over, we will send you an itemized bill so you can reimburse us for the expenses of your case that we have covered for you.

Our Workers Comp Attorneys are Only Paid When You Win Your Case!

When determining if it is “worth it” to pay these fees to a lawyer to represent you in your workers’ compensation claim, remember that applicants represent by an experienced are likely to get more compensation – and receive it faster – than applicants without an attorney.

Experienced attorneys “know the system”, know what documentation to present and know how to navigate the paperwork, the hearings and the other procedures. Hiring an experienced law firm is an investment – to ensure that you receive the maximum workers’ compensation benefits for which you qualify.

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