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Longshore and DBA Law Update

2015 Changes Affect Longshore & Defense Base Act Cases – Significant changes have recently been made to the procedures for handling Longshore and Defense Base Act claims. The new “Rules of Practice and Procedure for Administrative Hearings Before the Office of Administrative Law Judges” effect how claimants […]

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CalPERS Disability Retirement FAQs

How do I qualify for CalPERs disability retirement? To qualify for CalPERs disability retirement, it must be determined (proven) that you are “substantially incapacitated” from performing your job duties, based upon a physical or mental condition. And it must be substantiated by medical documentation (proof) that this […]

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Public Retirement Systems w/ CalPERS Reciprocity

List of Public Employee Benefit Systems with CalPERS Reciprocity – Reciprocity is an agreement between different public retirement systems that allows employees to move from one public employer to another public employer – without losing valuable benefit rights – including retirement or disability retirement. If you were a […]

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CalPERS Lawyers Discuss Reciprocity

What Happens to CalPERS Benefits When You Change Retirement Systems? NOTE: the scope of this article extends only to applying and implementing the California Public Employees’ Retirement Law (CalPERS); it does not extend to laws or regulations governing how other public retirement systems are administered. Public employees occasionally […]

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Social Security for Back and Neck Injuries

Long Beach Lawyers Discuss Social Security for Back Injury- Social Security processes many disability claims for back pain and back injuries, but they only approve a small percentage that are usually the most severe cases. To qualify for disability benefits for a neck or back injury, you […]

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Workers Compensation for Back Injuries

Long Beach Lawyers Discuss Workers Comp for Back Injury- One of the most common types of workplace injuries are neck and back injuries. This type of injury can be among the most painful and debilitating injury there is. And yet, in spite of the pain and work […]

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How to Choose A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for Workers’ Compensation? You are not required to hire an attorney to apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits – and you are allowed to represent yourself at any stage of the process. Most injured workers who are applying for Workers Compensation […]

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How to Choose a Social Security Lawyer

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for Social Security? By law, you are not required to hire an attorney to apply for social security benefits – and you are allowed to represent yourself at any stage of the process. However, applying for Social Security Disability benefits […]

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California Short Term Disability (Part 2)

How Much California Short-Term Disability (SDI) Will I Receive? This is the second part of a two part article discussing California Short Term Disability benefits. Remember California SDI is a separate program from Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI). (Click Here for Part 1 of this article). […]

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California Short Term Disability (Part 1)

Long Beach Lawyers Discuss Collecting California SDI: California is one of only a few states that operates a paid short-term disability program. California Short-Term Disability Insurance (SDI) is funded by employee contributions made through their payroll withholding. California SDI pays employees a portion of their usual wages […]

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