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Social Security vs. Workers Comp for Deafness & Hearing Loss

Long Beach Lawyers: Do I Get Social Security or Workers Comp for Deafness & Hearing Loss?– May is National Hearing Protection Month. For more than four decades the attorneys at Cantrell Green have been fighting for the rights of injured workers. We have collected millions of dollars […]

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Collecting Both Social Security & Workers Comp for Hearing Loss

Can I Collect BOTH Workers Compensation AND Social Security Disability for Hearing Loss? Yes. Under some circumstances you can collect Social Security Disability for hearing loss – even if you are already collecting Workers Comp for your hearing loss. However, your Social Security Benefits will typically be […]

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Social Security Disability “Automatic” Criteria for Blindness

Social Security “Blue Book” Listing: Low Vision or Partial Blindness – As previously explained by our attorneys in this article on Social Security for Vision Loss, eyesight impairment must be quite significant to qualify for Social Security Disability. And, as long as a person has good vision […]

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Social Security Disability for Eye Injury, Vision Problems & Blindness

Social Security Disability for Vision Loss or Blindness– Individuals with poor or impaired vision – or who are partially, legally, or totally blind – may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for their vision problems. In this article, our experienced Long Beach Workers Compensation […]

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Ask the Attorney: Is Social Security Disability Taxable?

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Paying Taxes on Social Security Disability – Tax day is just around the corner, and our clients often are left wondering whether they will be taxed on their Social Security Disability payments. Social Security Disability payments are generally not taxed. But there are […]

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Collecting Social Security Disability for Muscle and Bone Diseases

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Social Security Disability for Muscle & Bone Disease – Our experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys have successfully won SSDI cases for many individuals with musculoskeletal diseases and muscle or bone disorders. Whether your musculoskeletal, muscle or bone disorders qualifies you to receive SSDI […]

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Collecting Social Security Disability for Amputation

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Collecting Social Security Disability for Amputation– If you have suffered an amputation, our thoughts are with you and we are here to help. We understand that an amputation is a life changing event that poses unbelievable challenges. In addition to the physical and […]

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Ask the Attorney; can I Collect Social Security Disability for a Broken Bone?

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Collecting Social Security Disability for Broken Bones– A broken bone (also called a fracture) is not only extremely painful – it can be financially painful as well. Time off work due to a broken bone can be economically devastating. However, collecting Social Security […]

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Attorneys Explain Collecting Social Security Overseas

Ask the Los Angeles Social Security Attorneys: Can I Collecting Social Security Disability if I’m Overseas? Collecting Social Security if You Live Outside the U.S. Occasionally our attorneys are approached by clients who live somewhere outside of the United States. Many American citizens have jobs that require them […]

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Faster Social Security Disability for Veterans

Los Angeles Social Security Attorneys: Social Security Speeds Up Disability Decisions for Veterans At the end of 2016, under the Obama Administration, the Social Security Administration announced a new partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This partnership between Social Security and the VA enables expedited […]

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