CalPERS Disability Retirement FAQs

How do I qualify for CalPERs disability retirement?

To qualify for CalPERs disability retirement, it must be determined (proven) that you are “substantially incapacitated” from performing your job duties, based upon a physical or mental condition. And it must be substantiated by medical documentation (proof) that this disability is expected to be permanent or last indefinitely.

Is there an age requirement for Disability Retirement?

There is no minimum age requirement to be eligible for CalPERs Retirement disability. But you must meet the disability criteria (above) AND the service credit requirements (below).

An employee must have at least five years of CalPERS-credited service to be eligible to collect disability retirement. If the employee is a State Second Tier member, they must have 10 years of CalPERS-credited service.

There are, however, some exceptions to these requirements. If you do not meet these service requirements, please call our experienced disability lawyers to see if there is an exception that may apply to you.

How long will it take for my CalPERS disability retirement to be approved?

The length of time it takes to obtain approval typically depends largely upon how long it takes CalPERS to get all of the necessary employment and medical documentation (”proof”). Delays are usually the result of the employee – and/or one of his or her medical providers – failing to supply the required records and forms in a timely manner.

Often the best way to ensure the fastest processing time for a CalPERs disability retirement claim is to hire an experienced lawyer who can ensure that all forms and documentation are properly submitted in a timely fashion.

What is an industrial disability retirement?

Industrial disability refers to the inability to perform your duties because of an injury or illness that occurred at the workplace or is job-related. As with any disability retirement, industrial disability retirement is only allowed when the injury or illness is expected to be permanent and/or to last indefinitely.

Who can qualify for industrial disability retirement?

State safety officers, peace officers, firefighter, patrol officers, local safety officers – and certain State or local miscellaneous member whose employer contracts for industrial disability retirement benefits   – are typically eligible to receive this type of job-related disability retirement.

Additionally, a State industrial CalPERs member may qualify for industrial disability retirement if the disability is the result of a direct violent attack by an inmate or parolee of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Youth Authority, or a forensic facility of the Department of Mental Health.

Call our Disability Retirement Lawyers for More Information.

If you are unsure if qualify for CalPERs disability  and/or industrial disability retirement, call our experienced lawyers today. We would be happy to help you determine your eligibility for disability retirement under the CalPERs system.

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